VoIP Phone Systems


With technology advancements in IP phone systems there is no wonder these state-of-the-art phones are becoming more and more popular for businesses on a daily basis. Internet based phone systems are becoming more attractive for the consumer due to the fact that they are more affordable and reliable than ever. With more advanced features than your average PBX phone systems you will be able to setup individual voicemails, caller attendant and fully customize your system to your business requirements. We guarantee you and your staff will benefit from this advanced technology, with the ability to cut your phone bill in half and receive our top quality free polycom phones included with our services. Cancel anytime no contract required. Choose between either Cisco or Polycom Phone system. Call today to see how your business can save money on your monthly phone bill.

Voice and Data Cabling


Without careful planning and accurate implementation, voice and data cabling can become a nightmare. In order to have the most efficient telecommunications network, you need to build a cabling infrastructure for voice and data systems.

We can add or upgrade existing installations to distribute infrastructure throughout other offices. By moving cabling between individual desktops, it is possible to extend the fiber optics capabilities to connect crucial networks, even if there are multiple adjacent office buildings in your organizations.


That's why experienced SCI  Telecom personnel assist at each crucial phase of implementation. From the moment the contract is signed, your dedicated account manager monitors the entire implementation process to assure professional completion of your project. SCI Telecom specializes in installing all forms of voice, video, and data cabling. Relocating to a new facility, moving cubicles or upgrading an existing location is our expertise. We can assist you with CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6a or Optical fiber cabling based on industry standards. At the core of our group are certified technicians who have the experience to install wiring systems that provide innovative solutions for high bandwidth consistency throughout the network.

Security Cameras


Whether you have a home or business a security camera system is a must have to secure your perimeter and provide peace of mind to the home owner and or business. With businesses this helps keep employee productivity at its full potential and keeps inventory shrinkage to a minimum. With the latest advanced technology security camera system are ranging from 2(megapixels) up to 8mp and 4k. With the ability to read license plates, have facial recognition and pan, tilt, or zoom in. Businesses all over the nation are constantly realizing the importance of their own security system. Depending on your home or business requirements, our staff can get you setup and recomended on what you need for your particular setup. You will have the ability to view, playback, and record from any smart phone, tablet, or desktop from anywhere you desire as long as you have an internet connection to your devices.